Cross Country Clinic

Course Price - $600.00

Expand your horizons by learning skills for long distance paramotor flight in a supported, school setting. Suitable for all skill levels, this 2-3 day flying clinic will introduce you to the set of skills and know-how needed to safely and confidently execute "over-the-horizon" flights in a paramotor. We'll cover trip-planning & navigation, safety and emergency contingencies, flight optimization, and much more. Of course we'll strike out on several long distance, cross country flights.


What You'll Learn

  • Evaluating airspace along a route
  • Non-towered field procedures
  • Navigation and Trip Planning
  • In-flight and Emergency Planning
  • Flights from 10-50 miles
  • Organizing and Stowing Cargo
  • Build a flight route to the location chosen in class according to airspace, terrain, weather and fuel options

  • Install and use speed bar to get the most from your glider

  • Utilize a 2.5-to-3.5-hour flight window by using strobes and flying outside of the two-hour standard

  • Take your turn leading the flight


  • All skill levels welcome
  • Speed bar and strobes will be utilized
  • Navigation will be required, a cell phone tether is recommended
  • Reserve required, rentals available

Cross Country Clinic

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