USPPA Introductory Tandem Instructor (ITI) Rating Clinic

Course Price – $1,400.00

Introduce our great sport and give introductory flight instruction to those curious about Powered Paragliding. Learn the safe, responsible, and legal way with our USPPA certified Tandem Instructors.

This course lasts between 3-5 days.

Already a foot launch pilot but haven’t trained on a trike?  No problem. We can have you transitioned to wheels fairly quickly as long as you are a proficient foot launcher.

What You’ll Learn

  • Multiple Solo Flight and Touch and Go’s on trike demonstrating PPG3 WL Skill Level.
  • Demonstrate tandem taxi skills and S-Turns.
  • USPPA Tandem Exemption Legalities. ($100 rental fee for 2 days)
  • Tandem Training Equipment / CG / Load Ratings / Power Plant / Trike Design Tandem Glider Design and Load Certification, Equipment Pre-Flight Procedures

  • Solo Taxi Practice – Demonstrate consistent inflations, glider check, reduction to taxi power, glider control, S-turns during taxi, and proper glider disinflation

  • Provide minimum 5 complete passenger briefings and tandem flights with Admin as passenger who is role playing as student.

  • How to present yourself to your tandem passenger from introduction through the end of the flight experience and how to make them confident with you and comfortable during the entire experience


  • Must have a PPG3 (WL) rating.
  • Minimum 1-year flying experience.
  • Minimum 100 hours of flying experience
  • Minimum 50 hours in the last 12 months of flying experience
  • Excellent history of aeronautical decision-making, judgment, maturity, and risk management
  • Passion for safely introducing others to the sport

Introductory Tandem Instructor (ITI) Rating Clinic

When you're ready to progress, we're here to help you do it safely.

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