Experience The Power

Your dream of flying will come true if you pursue it. Midwest PPG has helped hundreds of pilots accomplish this dream. You too can be part of this exciting sport of Powered Paragliding. If you have spent your life looking to the sky, thinking you belong there, then you are one of us!


     We sell all of the TOP Gear

Purchasing the WRONG gear can make learning to fly difficult and frustrating. Midwest Powered Paragliding will assist in suiting you up with equipment that works best for your size, weight and physical condition.

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  PPG Training is our Priority

Learning to fly Powered Paragliders with a USPPA Certified Instructor will give you the knowlege and tools you need to be a confident Pilot. A PPG is a simple, safe aircraft. Skimping on instruction is dangerous and costly.

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Black Hawk

Midwest Powered Paragliding is an authorised Black Hawk training center. Black Hawk has some of the most affordable PPG packages in the USA.  Click the link above to go to Paramotor Sports.com (A Midwest PPG website)

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MIDWEST PPG has been training safe pilots and selling top quality gear since 2004

Since the beginning, the focus has been on training conservative, safe pilots. PPG can be a VERY safe sport as long as you follow a few guidlines. Midwest PPG is dedicated to teaching you these boudries. We train and fly in the safest of conditions. We will never put a new pilot in the air when conditions are less than perfect. Remember...there are old pilots and there are bold pilots..BUT there are no OLD BOLD PILOTS!

Notes from Clients

When I first became interested in Paragliding I had no clue where to go nor how to properly locate a “qualified” instructor. After some research, I contacted Mr. Jeff Goin, author of the PPG Bible, and asked for recommendations. He steered me in the right direction by highly advising me to ensure that I not only have someone teach me this sport, but to also ensure that this someone is experienced and qualified as a certificated PPG Instructor. He recommended Midwest PPG.Dave’s personable instruction has been a delight. He is patient and not cynical. I still enjoy flying under his watchful eye and appreciate him as a friend!

                                                      -Link Joseph KY