Midwest Powered Paragliding

MIDWEST PPG has been training safe pilots and selling top quality gear since 2004

Since the beginning, the focus has been on training conservative, safe pilots. PPG can be a VERY safe sport as long as you follow a few guidlines. Midwest PPG is dedicated to teaching you these boudries. We train and fly in the safest of conditions. We will never put a new pilot in the air when conditions are less than perfect. Remember, there are old pilots and there are bold pilots, BUT there are no OLD BOLD PILOTS!


Our Team

Dave Halcomb

Dave has been flying Powered Paragliders since 2000. In 2004 Dave founded Midwest PPG and started teaching Powered Paragliding. As word spread that there was an instructor in Indianapolis, the sky over Indiana started to fill up with the colorful paragliders. Dave now has students coming from all over the United States and internationally to train here in central Indiana. Dave has trained over 300 pilots. Midwest PPG is an authorized dealer for Air Conception & Mini-Plane paramotors and Ozone & MACPARA gliders

Matt Massie

Matt began his aviation career in General Aviation and skydiving, but transitioned strictly to gliders in 2010. He was trained in speed flying and speed riding in California before learning paramotoring in 2015. He is a USPPA PPG3 rated pilot working towards his instructor rating and has been assisting Dave since 2016.

Midwest Powered Paragliding

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Training Facility:

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