We take your training seriously.

Over the last decade, we’ve developed and refined a complete training package based on the USPPA guidelines. Our students go home with not only the skills necessary to fly paramotors, but the knowledge to keep themselves and others safe and the wisdom to make sound decisions as Pilot in Command of an aircraft.

What’s Included?

Your training is broken down into 2 phases. First off, you’ll get extensive training in the field ground handling your glider and classroom work covering laws of the sky, glider and motor essentials, weather and safety.
In Phase 2, we’ll put everything together in flight and develop your ability to skillfully take off, fly and land your glider. Details for foot launch and wheel launch training pathways are found below.

Ready to Fly?

If you're ready to take the first steps towards flight or still have questions, fill out our New Pilot Contact form and we'll get back to you to schedule a training date or assist you in any way.

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Powered Paragliding Training

Wheel Launch


  • Comprehensive Ground School
  • Limited Kiting
  • Taxi to Take-off Emphasis
  • USPPA PPG2 Rating Pathway
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PPG3 Skills Clinic

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  • Launch Tune up
  • High Wind Training
  • Precision Landings
  • Low Level Flight
  • PPG3 Ground School
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