DJ Para Design Strobes


    • Now available for Maverick and Fly Products Rider frames. ( Liberty and Limitless Frames soon!)
    • Lightweight: complete assembly weighs less than 2 ounces (50 grams).
    • 5-High Output Navigation Strobes – 1000 Lumen
    • 4 Statute Mile Range: FAA Compliant for Night Use.
    • Multiple Light Modes: Strobe, Flash, Steady, Mixed.
    • Waterproof Case Sealed IP 67 Rated.
    • 4.5 hour run-time with 240 MAh Lipo battery
    • Simple On/Off/Mode with One Button.

Paramotor strobes exceed the FAA's 3 statute mile visibility requirement. The light mount uses two strobes to provide 360 degree visibility. Mounts to the frame with Velcro straps for easy installation and removal.


  • Light mount with strobes
  • Velcro or ziptie (sits higher than velcro) fasteners
  • 2 x charging cables
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